June 12th Show: Plug & Context




Multimode – Mixed Media – Music with a frayed and unraveled net – Pizza – Beer… June 12th at the Parlor on North Loop –

Parlor North Loop Closing End of June –

Can’t mention it enough: Years of fun times with friends playing and listening to music, thanks to the owners and their family who have happily provided a place for this to happen on a semi-regular basis. Hopefully another fortunately situated venue will be able to host the same mix of performers as a habit. I’ve seen Hip Hop, Experimental Noise, Avant Folk, Punk, Hardcore, Alt Country, Metal, Free Form Jazz and all combinations of the above there since 2001!

“Why Should I care about the Parlor on North Loop?”

I believe that the Parlor was on par with other clubs known to be supportive of musicians and bands in the process of gaining their sea-legs while attempting to create and explore new territories in music. I perceive that the Parlor is not unlike CBGB’s ,Max’s Kansas City, The Troubador The Whiskey A Go Go, The Continental Club or even the Knitting Factory. This is only my opinion, constructed according to personal experience compared with basic facts gleaned from watching hours of Netflix documentaries, and reading Wikipedia when I should have been doing something more constructive.

“Is this show that you speak of going to be interesting?”

The bands playing this show have reputations for being consistently inconsistent to varying degrees, but also known for creating moments of performance that resonate in one’s mind for some times afterwards. Of course I’m referring to my personal experience, but consistently inconsistent bands have consistently provided a great level of interesting-ness to me, while consistently consistent bands and inconsistently consistent  bands have never approached this territory in my brain. I’m not ruling out a problem with my brain, but I’ve heard the same sentiment from many other people. It feels better knowing that if my brain is defective, at least it’s a commonly known issue.

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