Smash That Hercules Beetle!

I was waiting for the one-oh-one

when a though occurred to me

those tall back cushy seats

I could just lie down

and take a very long nap


just rest my eyes

from all I’d seen

I would just be another

sleeping as we ride

sleeping on my side


missed my stop, continued to sleep

missed all my stops for several weeks


ride this bus, till it’s out of gas

I’ve anticipated my participation

on the occasion of the racing


and just then I saw:


The number 1L is coming down the street

metal benches so nice and tidy

when she stopped I got on

they closed the door behind me

without the shades, it’d blind me

now I’m stuck downtown

I feel uncomfortable

that doesn’t matter

I get to where I go

and I told you:


You gotta smash that hercules beetle

You gotta crush that shiny bug

He’s been following me around all these years

my pen is a syringe

and these words are your drugs….


The bus has red velvet sidewalks

and night black leather seats

this bus goes straight down

c’mon let’s get on this bus

gonna ride all dammned day

and go nowhere

great bus moments in history

don’t ya dare lookit sideways

look sideways @ me

for all to see


This bus leaves a trail of flames

human hearts broken and deflected

to an inhuman image of a big chief

red velvet upholstery


and there is that big green beetle

and he’s licking that needle

now he’s my typewriter

and with that the story’s done

and with that, my story’s done, but


You gotta smash that hercules beetle

You gotta crush that shiny bug

my typewriter is the pharmacy

I got a backpack full of drugs…..

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