Relinquishment Weather Control

Gonna Relinquish

My hurricane’s in the queue

To the gravity in a giant magnetron

Of your socialized intelligence operation

Molecule bribes resistance magistrate

Non specificity nonspecific evacuate

Rising spires ejaculate

Flattening wave dis-corporate

Low pressure trough change to active state

Rising waters will evaporate

Free stereo in the storm grate

Well, I wake up every morning

Rub my eyes and take another breath

I remember where I’m from

That’s where I think I came to

Then I began to recall

What did they imprint on the crowd

In the deity shaped cloud?

How many times – repeated intone

Hero of imbeciles

And the good and righteous ones applaud

Your drama skills were developed

Why am I talking to you?

Who am I to say whatever?

I must have met you around

Sometime in the 18th Century

Or 1930’s Hollywood, when they delivered the new chandelier

The agent is wearing a double breasted suit

He’s a friend of the family

Get to the bottom of the case

Double Breasted Worsted Suit….

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