I Burned Down A Sleepy Little Town

Well I came across the border

when the moon was high

with just a switchblade

and a gleam in my eye


Nobody here to tell me who to f@ck

Nobody here to tell me which dr@gs to do


Nothing but rocks all around

When you fall, you just hit the ground

Get out of line, and you’ll get hung up high….


Never need no papers to tell me who I am

Days and Days of waving grassy plains

You and I may never see one another again

In times of famine, you must mimic the savages…


I burned down a sleepy little town

While all of the children were weeping

I emptied the shelves in the storeroom of the apocathary

I hope he doesn’t take it personally


I gotta tell you, gotta tell you my son

All you need is a horse and a gun

Ride off shot up and dying, into the sun

That’s how the West was won….

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