Liner Notes for Demo Disc from 10/6 Show….

1. Ya Gotta Push It Away
2. He Is Alien
3. Paper Angel Tearin Off
4. Food Plaza Shutdown
5. You’ve Got Fake Red Hair
6. Excommunication Breakout
7. Smash That Hercules Beetle
8. Everything You’ve Got’s Black With A Skull
9. I Like Henry Miller
10. Don’t Allow My Case To Grow Cold
11. Put The Mushroom Flavor Into The Ramen
12. Leathery
13. The Black Jewel In Your Skull
14. I’ll Worry About It When I Get Home
15. It’s A Conspiracy Tonight

All Songs Copyright 2010 by Favored Demise / Steve Landry (Steven Land-Ree on Facebook)

Thank You to: Venison Whirled / Matt Napkin / SpiritFinger / ST37 / The Devil Bat / Trailer Space Records / Lana Angel Pudding /
Nikki Birdflu / Allison Dynamite / South Side Jonny G. / The Parlor / Walter Hutcherson / Coz The Shroom / Abigail und Hansel /
Xanthien 666 / Concrete Ninja 123 / VLERN DANFURDMUNSON / Plutonium Farmers / And Jherri Siggnfeld’s Atrophied Sack

See you in cosmicfunspace: Vicki Fussell / Tom Churchill / Neely Briggs / Andrew Kratochvil / Jon Bessent

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