June 12th Show: Plug & Context

June 5, 2011




Multimode – Mixed Media – Music with a frayed and unraveled net – Pizza – Beer… June 12th at the Parlor on North Loop –

Parlor North Loop Closing End of June –

Can’t mention it enough: Years of fun times with friends playing and listening to music, thanks to the owners and their family who have happily provided a place for this to happen on a semi-regular basis. Hopefully another fortunately situated venue will be able to host the same mix of performers as a habit. I’ve seen Hip Hop, Experimental Noise, Avant Folk, Punk, Hardcore, Alt Country, Metal, Free Form Jazz and all combinations of the above there since 2001!

“Why Should I care about the Parlor on North Loop?”

I believe that the Parlor was on par with other clubs known to be supportive of musicians and bands in the process of gaining their sea-legs while attempting to create and explore new territories in music. I perceive that the Parlor is not unlike CBGB’s ,Max’s Kansas City, The Troubador The Whiskey A Go Go, The Continental Club or even the Knitting Factory. This is only my opinion, constructed according to personal experience compared with basic facts gleaned from watching hours of Netflix documentaries, and reading Wikipedia when I should have been doing something more constructive.

“Is this show that you speak of going to be interesting?”

The bands playing this show have reputations for being consistently inconsistent to varying degrees, but also known for creating moments of performance that resonate in one’s mind for some times afterwards. Of course I’m referring to my personal experience, but consistently inconsistent bands have consistently provided a great level of interesting-ness to me, while consistently consistent bands and inconsistently consistent  bands have never approached this territory in my brain. I’m not ruling out a problem with my brain, but I’ve heard the same sentiment from many other people. It feels better knowing that if my brain is defective, at least it’s a commonly known issue.


Smash That Hercules Beetle!

January 20, 2011

I was waiting for the one-oh-one

when a though occurred to me

those tall back cushy seats

I could just lie down

and take a very long nap


just rest my eyes

from all I’d seen

I would just be another

sleeping as we ride

sleeping on my side


missed my stop, continued to sleep

missed all my stops for several weeks


ride this bus, till it’s out of gas

I’ve anticipated my participation

on the occasion of the racing


and just then I saw:


The number 1L is coming down the street

metal benches so nice and tidy

when she stopped I got on

they closed the door behind me

without the shades, it’d blind me

now I’m stuck downtown

I feel uncomfortable

that doesn’t matter

I get to where I go

and I told you:


You gotta smash that hercules beetle

You gotta crush that shiny bug

He’s been following me around all these years

my pen is a syringe

and these words are your drugs….


The bus has red velvet sidewalks

and night black leather seats

this bus goes straight down

c’mon let’s get on this bus

gonna ride all dammned day

and go nowhere

great bus moments in history

don’t ya dare lookit sideways

look sideways @ me

for all to see


This bus leaves a trail of flames

human hearts broken and deflected

to an inhuman image of a big chief

red velvet upholstery


and there is that big green beetle

and he’s licking that needle

now he’s my typewriter

and with that the story’s done

and with that, my story’s done, but


You gotta smash that hercules beetle

You gotta crush that shiny bug

my typewriter is the pharmacy

I got a backpack full of drugs…..

Please Don’t Allow My Case To Grow Cold

January 20, 2011

I respectfully beseech you to

not allow the trail to grow cold

or permit the case to grown cold


as it transfers jurisdictions

and the summons are deferred


and the suspects cleared

and the evidence misplaced


and the survivors die of old age

and the limitations on time expire


don’t let my case become cold

nor my jacket shredded

nor the filebox recycled


new technology will emerge

allowed to converge on the

one clue which we could use

in our case against your


don’t let the actions dwindle!

Please Don’t Allow My Case To Grow Cold!

Relinquishment Weather Control

January 20, 2011

Gonna Relinquish

My hurricane’s in the queue

To the gravity in a giant magnetron

Of your socialized intelligence operation

Molecule bribes resistance magistrate

Non specificity nonspecific evacuate

Rising spires ejaculate

Flattening wave dis-corporate

Low pressure trough change to active state

Rising waters will evaporate

Free stereo in the storm grate

Well, I wake up every morning

Rub my eyes and take another breath

I remember where I’m from

That’s where I think I came to

Then I began to recall

What did they imprint on the crowd

In the deity shaped cloud?

How many times – repeated intone

Hero of imbeciles

And the good and righteous ones applaud

Your drama skills were developed

Why am I talking to you?

Who am I to say whatever?

I must have met you around

Sometime in the 18th Century

Or 1930’s Hollywood, when they delivered the new chandelier

The agent is wearing a double breasted suit

He’s a friend of the family

Get to the bottom of the case

Double Breasted Worsted Suit….

White Robe

January 20, 2011

I stand out on my step

By the dawn’s early light

Pull my papers from the tube

Drain a hot vessel

I look down at my arm

Sleeved to the wrist

Soft, billowy white like clouds

I wear a white robe

They make me wear a white robe.


I stand beside my berth

See the stars in the bars

Reach my shaking hand touch a rock wall

How long have I been here?

Why do they treat me so?

I used to be in charge

They say my cause is lost

Feed me another pill

They make me wear a white robe


Walking in a dream

With chains on wrists and feet

Walking circles in the dark

Watching the light show

Smell the freshly dug dirt

Led by a cord I can’t see

I wear a white robe

They make me wear a white robe


I think I can survive

A nap beneath the earth

Please don’t shake my bones

While I am away

Do not push them aside

When it’s your turn to repose

You may see things in another way

Wake up in a body you don’t know

They make you wear a white robe…

I Burned Down A Sleepy Little Town

January 20, 2011

Well I came across the border

when the moon was high

with just a switchblade

and a gleam in my eye


Nobody here to tell me who to f@ck

Nobody here to tell me which dr@gs to do


Nothing but rocks all around

When you fall, you just hit the ground

Get out of line, and you’ll get hung up high….


Never need no papers to tell me who I am

Days and Days of waving grassy plains

You and I may never see one another again

In times of famine, you must mimic the savages…


I burned down a sleepy little town

While all of the children were weeping

I emptied the shelves in the storeroom of the apocathary

I hope he doesn’t take it personally


I gotta tell you, gotta tell you my son

All you need is a horse and a gun

Ride off shot up and dying, into the sun

That’s how the West was won….

Food Plaza Shut Down

January 20, 2011

They would go there every day

just to have a little snack

just a little snack pack


They would see things on the way

but they aren’t there anymore

I think that they ran them out

I think that they shut it down

I think that I could be sick

I’m going to spread it around


I think that the food plaza’s been shut down….


I think they shut it down

It was the only one in town

I used to walk up to the door

but it isn’t there any more

I would go get a snack

when the hunger would attack

go get a snack and a pop

I guess it was time to stop

because they really shut it down

you know that they shut it down

I think I’m going to be sick

I think that the food plaza’s shut down….


It was convenient

It was located conveniently

next to my house

but it ain’t there no more

there is trash upon the floor

there is dust upon the shelves

I ain’t feeling like myself

I used to go there every day

I know I showed her the way

I introduced her to the crew

Then she started doing it too

But then they shut it down….


Lights are burning nobody home

now how much further must I roam

I gotta walk there all alone

Gotta go in the gloom of night

everything used to be allright

and it was turned upside down

I think that I’m becoming sick

I think the food plaza’s shut down….